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Written By: Bob - Aug• 20•14

Creative Products International of San Antonio, Texas has been supplying the Food Service Professional for over 20 years with the inexpensive EZ SHARP KNIFE SHARPENER and THE PICKLE BARREL LID OPENER.

EZSharp Knife Sharpeners

EZSharp Knife Sharpeners

The EZ SHARP will keep knives of all types razor sharp and THE PICKLE will open those plastic containers in which processed food is shipped. The EZ SHARP is used by chefs and entry level employees world wide to keep their Knives razor sharp.

EZ Pickle Bucket Lid Opener

“NEVER A DULL MOMENT” has been our Motto sense we started making the EZ SHARP KNIFE SHARPENER in 1989.

Professional Chefs have endorsed our product THE EZ SHARP, giving interviews to major magazines and food editors.  EZ SHARP is used in some of the most prestigious restaurants and largest food and hotel chains supplied by their wholesale restaurant distributors.

EZ SHARP has been praised by food editors in major magazines, news paper food editors such as Burt Wolf, Food Arts’ magazine, Dallas Morning News, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune and the Retailer Magazine.   EZ SHARP has been picked up by KNIGHT RIDDER WIRE SERVICE going viral on media circles to major publications nationwide.   EZ SHARP received a “BEST OF SHOW’ award in the cutlery division of a major show in Las Vegas.

After watching the following short 60 second video on how to use the EZ SHARP you will agree that the kitchen tool should be in every home in America.

The ergonomic design of the EZ SHARP KNIFE SHARPENER is popular among chefs because it is small enough to fit in a kitchen drawer or their carrying case when traveling.

The EZ SHARP is so easy and safe to use, made of high impact composite ABS plastic, and is extremely user friendly.

To sharpen your knifes simply place the EZ SHARP on a flat surface and pull the blade several times through the V shaped notch that contains virtually indestructible tungsten carbide blades.  The comfortable grip allows sharpening without slipping.  Safety is assured by the knife blade pointing down with a guard that keeps the knife blade away from the user’s hand.  EZ SHARP is one of the easiest to use, safest, and most economical sharpening devices on the market today.

CPI, Inc has recently agreed to open the sale of the EZ SHARP knife sharpener direct to the consumer via this website.  EZ SHARP can be easily used by the home chef and stored in a kitchen draw.  Please read the testimonials of home chefs and professionals.